IP55Outdoor Telecommunication cabinet with 48V DC Airconditioner

IP55Outdoor Telecommunication Cabinet With 48V DC
  • Min. Order 1 Piece/Pieces
  • FOB Price US $900-1200 /Piece

Item Details

Port: New Delhi,India
Supply Ability: 50 Piece/Pieces per Month
Payment Terms: L/C,SWIFT

Product Description

Transmission Rack Specifications
1 DESIGN OF CABINET Standalone IP55 (IP STANDARD:- IS/IEC 60529) unit including cabinet and cooling unit (standalone window type) with modular construction for Outdoor Applications
2 Dimensions 1300 mm (H) - 1000mm (W) - 600mm (D)
4 Principle A digital distribution frame provided in the Equipment Transmission Rack to interconnect the digital transmission lines.
5 Rack Size 19" x 20 U TELECOM EQUIPEMENT
The rack supplied with the necessary mounting rails, cable trays, removable side panels and earth bar.
6 Max Load The maximum total current shall be 120A.
7 Make The digital distribution frame sourced from ADC/Krone (Pty) Ltd.
8 Loading Capacity of Rack 150kg
9 ACCESSORIES:- Cabinet equiped with the following:-
a) 15-way Output DCDB
b) 1xUK standard double socket
c) Krone sub-rack 19" x 3U
d) LIGHTS :- 48V DC LED light- 1 NO (Inside)
f) Door Switch
g) Lock with master key
h) M10 * 100 Anchor Bolts - 4 nos
i) 4 Pair .5mm Alarm cable (5 Meter)
A DC Distrebution
1 DC OUTPUT Distribution (Connected with common Busbar) 3 U 19” 15-way DC Distribution Panel
3 OUT PUT 3x6A MCB, 3x10A MCB, 5x32A MCB
4 Coltage Bars A positive earth with a common positive bus bar shall be utilised - The negative connections made directly to the circuit breaker terminals.
5 Provision for Earthing One horizontal 19" rack mounted copper earthing bar of 25x6 mm with GI Hardware
B AC distibution
1 AC Output 1xUK standard double socket
C Cooling System Details
1 Cooling Unit Type Window type of dimensions (280 (W)x185(D)x350(H))
2 Refrigerant R134A/R22
3 Air Discharge Front, Window Type
4 Compressor 48V DC Supply
5 Cooling Capacity 500W
E Kron Rack
1 Type The Krone sub-rack with product number 6427 1 017-01 and description “Sub rack 3U for LSA-PLUS” shall be used.
2 Sub Rack Dimensions The Krone sub-rack shall have dimensions of 19” x 3U.
3 Sub Rack The Krone sub-rack shall be manufactured from sheet steel.
4 Pairs The maximum capacity of the sub-rack shall be 150 pairs.
F Cable Entry
1 DC Input Hatch plate (Roxtec make; model comseal 10) for power cables at bottom of side wall.
2 Hatch plate (Roxtec make; model comseal 10) for Alarm cables, power cables & transmission cables at Top of side wall.
DC output distribution connected with the DC Input MCB (80A)
DC output MCBs connected with common Busbar
DC output connected with common Busbar
All cabinets will have common key lock
Aircon Input connected with the DCDB

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